Our History

9610 Unloading into Grain Cart Southwest Creason South Fescue Pasture South Fescue Lot South City Pasture Sorting Pens Read's Pasture Old Cabin Heifers Kirksville Heifers Kirksville Grain Bins Kirksville Grain Bins During Harvest Heifers Hazel Creek Lake Grant's Beans Grain Cart Unloading Grain Cart Unloading into Semi Grain Bins and Augers Cement Bunks Cement Bunk Lot Big Still Pasture Baling Stalks Baling and Raking Stalks 9610 Unloading corn-silage hay-loft corn-harvest Bean Harvest (1024x578) Baby in Sunset2 (1024x768) Tractor Show2 (1024x768) Cattle on Hill (768x1024) farm-show